Snow Day Almond Flour Pancakes

We are on our third snowstorm in less than a week! On days like today, as snowflakes drift gently outside our windows, and the family is all together (due to canceled or delayed school), I like to cook up something special. Today’s breakfast treat was Almond Flour Pancakes. The recipe was adapted from one here. I added some spice and some extra almondy flavor, and decided to have some fun by turning them into snowmen! We like to get silly in the kitchen sometimes, and today was a perfect day for that. Hope you enjoy!



1.5 cups Almond Flour

3 eggs

1/2 cup almond milk



1/4 teaspoon Almond Extract

Coconut oil for cookingingredients for almond pancakes


1. Pour 1.5 cups of Almond Flour into a bowl DSC_0492

2. Crack 3 Eggs into the bowl


3. Add a dash of Cinnamon


4. Add a dash of Cardamom


5. Add 1/2 cup of Milk (slowly and just until desired thickness) and mix


6. Pour 1/4 teaspoon of Almond Extract


7. Put Coconut Oil on the pan before batter


8. Pour batter onto pan, look for the same bubbles you would see in regular pancakes before flipping.


9. (Optional) Add Blueberries before flipping to turn your pancake into a happy pancake


10. Flip!

DSC_051111. They came out a little funny looking, but we had fun with the plating, and even more fun eating them 🙂



And then of course it was clean up time, which lately seems to be messier than our cooking time. E wants to be a big help, but toddler help typically means water all over the floor, soapy spoons going in his mouth, and maybe even a broken dish. ::sigh:: But we do our best to keep it fun, and in the end if the dishes don’t get done, it’s not a big deal. Happy snow days everyone, and snowy breakfast eating!



This Week at Home


It’s been a busy week. It started early (very early) Monday morning with my first call to attend a birth as a doula. While birth and new babies have been happily taking a lot of my attention this week, there were still many very normal, very peaceful moments at home. And by peaceful I mean messy, funny, silly, and of course playful. I hope you have enjoyed your week at home, here’s a look at ours.



Candida tea

Candida cleanse is still a work in progress


End of summer yumminess

Colorful peppers

Colorful peppers

Rainbow chard

Super green rainbow chard


Recipe testing is awesome!


E thinks so too!


The start of our fall hiking adventures

Thanks for reading, or looking, or whatever you do. I’ve had so much positive support and feedback come my way over the past few weeks, it’s been really encouraging. Every time the school year rolls around I get a little nostalgic about my brief education career. But between your positive words and comments about the blog, and my amazing experience at my first birth, I am more than positive that I am on the right track, and doing what I am meant to do, supporting families and more specifically mamas, as we all make this journey into building and sustaining a life. And not just any life, but a life well lived. Here’s to living, each day, each moment, each breath, with a happy, healthy, playful heart.