This Month at Home – April 2017

IMG_2372 IMG_2396 IMG_2448 IMG_2522 IMG_2533 IMG_2552 IMG_2563 IMG_2585 IMG_2591 IMG_2622 IMG_2708 IMG_2796 IMG_2836 It’s been awhile since I have done a post like this. The days have been so full. Co-op group, nicer weather for outside play, Easter, dentist, Earth Day, and the occasional shared nap. Oh, and the brother love, that makes everyday full ❤️. We’ve had our fair share of challenges this month too. Lots of decisions being made about how to move forward in friendship, schooling, working, living… it all feels pretty big and sometimes heavy. So it’s been good to get outside and feel the light of the lengthening days. Summer will be here before we know it.

And with summer, a return to teaching yoga and taking doula clients for me. And possibly by the fall, massage! We’ll see how it all plays out. Right now, one moment at a time is the name of the game.

❤️ To you and yours.

Ready for Rebirth

It’s that time of year. The end of winter, so ready for spring, time of year. I’m feeling a huge pull towards clearing out in many areas of my being.

My body wants to clear out it’s channels. My digestion feels slow and a bit sluggish, accumulated winter heaviness. My belly wants to shed it’s extra layer of protective winter insulation (my happy term for fat). My skin wants to slough off old layers and glow again. Even my breath body is calling out for clearing.

My mind is ready to be rid of clutter. The worrisome thoughts of winter days, “Will there be enough wood for our fires (or money for our heating bill)?” “Will the snow ever stop falling?”, “Will my muscles ever feel warm again?”.

My spirit is ready to sing, and dance, and be reborn.

And yet there is still time, time for waiting. Time for preparing. The warmth of spring will come, but there is still time.

It can be oh so hard to wait. In my rebellion against winter I have taken to refusing to bundle myself anymore. No hat, no heavy jacket, just my fleece, my scarf, and my gloves. It’s rather silly, I know, but it’s my first movement toward what my body, mind, and spirit are all ready for. Simplicity. Walking out the door with no extra layers, no baggage. Heading out into the open air unencumbered.


Simple foods, clean, whole, easy foods. Smoothies, and salads, spice and herbs from a fresh window garden. Easy to make, easy to digest foods. Inner warmth, outer lightness. Radishes, arugula, black pepper, ginger, and sprouts. Lemon.

Simple self care. Skin brushing, oil pulling, self massage with warm citrus infused oils, and the neti pot.

Simple breath. And yoga.

Simple sitting, meditation. Centering my attention on trust. Trust that this is just part of nature’s cycle. There is death (winter) and there is birth (spring), and there is re-birth again and again.

Clearing out. Simplicity. Re-birth. I am ready.