Wandering Thoughts

I’ve jumped back in to blog land recently. Posting, editing, paying for my domain, and thinking about what this little space is all about, what is it’s purpose. One of the main reasons I began this blog 4 years ago was  for my work as a massage therapist and doula. But my self-employment is minimal at most right now, and this blog isn’t making enough income to even cover it’s costs. Part of me hopes that will change one day, but a big part of me doesn’t really care about that (to be honest). I like coming to this space. I like sharing.

So what is this space all about? What do I hope to share with you? I guess, simply said, I hope to share life. I certainly don’t want to sell you anything. (Except maybe a doll or a hat). And I don’t want to tell you how you should live. (There’s way too much of that going on on the internet these days). But I suppose I want to share inspiration and joy, maybe sometimes even sadness or heartache. In this extremely un-human space, I want to create human-ness. Share stories, adventures, and ideas.

Anyways, those are just some of my wandering thoughts these days. Other thoughts include Montessori vs.homeschool, starting a homestead, learning to knit (or knit well I should say), and raising boys. As my husband loves to point out, my brain never stops. That’s ok, I’m used to it by now, and mostly the constant chatter amuses me. Mostly.