My Go-to Non Toxic Products

My desire for non-toxic products and cleaning solutions began years before I ever became pregnant with my son. I dappled in making my own cleansers, face products, and the like. I even vowed to make all natural sunscreen and give it to my group of springtime detoxers after hearing about all the hormone disrupters and carcinogens in commercial sunscreen. However, when I did become pregnant, my desire deepened… but my time lessened. I still wanted to use and share products that were natural and non-toxic, but I didn’t have the time to be making them. Enter stage right, a company who not only uses only the best, natural, non-toxic ingredients, but also has a message to share with the world, the same message I had been sharing with my students and clients all along.

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic is a direct selling company (meaning that you can buy their products through independent consultants and these consultants get a small percentage of the profit to help support their families). It is a company founded by a young woman, Ava, who upon finding out about all the harmful, and often hidden chemicals in our daily products, put her foot down and said “no”. “No” to using these products on her body. “No” to supporting these chemical companies and their indifference for our health. “No” to accepting that there wasn’t any other way. Being from a family who had experience in direct sales, she began her own company to find a solution to this problem.


I discovered Ava Anderson Non Toxic when a single product (which is now still my favorite) was gifted to my at my baby shower. The diaper cream. This diaper cream is unlike any other cream, in that it’s not just for your baby’s bum. It has uses that extend far beyond the crevices of your wee ones private area. Check them out:

diaper cream multiple use (1)

The diaper cream began my journey in to learning more about these products. I wanted the absolute best for my baby, but also for myself, my husband, even my pets. Ava Anderson Non Toxic had a solution for everything. When I was opening my eensy, weensy yoga and massage studio three months after my son was born, I decided I wanted to sell Ava products in my eensy, weensy store. I became a consultant and stocked the shelves with samples. I thought surely these products would sell themselves, and in many ways they did. I however, I have learned over time that I am not the best at direct sales. I am simply not so awesome at keeping up with hosting parties, entering orders and calculating gifts, and the rest of what goes along with running that kind of business. I do however love to support my friends who are good at this kind of stuff, and my sponsor Jen Pignataro is one of them.

Even though I am no direct sales superstar, I still love the products made by this company. My favorites are: the shampoo and conditioner, because it is literally impossible to find another product that doesn’t have some form of chemical in it, the body butter, because mmmm, butter, and the cleaning products. All. of. them. Everything smells fresh, but not overpowering (because as my husband will tell you my nose has the sensitivity of a blood hound). And they work. Plain and simple. I don’t have to worry about chemicals, AND the products get the job done. What else can a mama ask for, really?


Oh, price. Yes, a mama can ask for price.

We are a family on a tight budget, as I know most other families of little ones are. These products are not as cheap as the ones you might find in your grocery store, unless you shop at Whole Foods, then you can ignore the rest of this paragraph. The ingredients in these products cost more because they are better. The phrase “you pay for what you get” applies here in a very positive way. You pay for amazing ingredients that won’t make you or your family sick. Period. The end. BUT…. these products are so effective, that a little goes a long way. For instance… I bought a bottle of the shampoo and conditioner in June 2014, and I am still using it. It’s March, 2015, the thing might actually last me the whole year. Granted, I wash my hair every other day, use sparingly, and occasionally dabble in other methods (like no poo, which I will save for another post). But I think you get my point.

Ava Anderson Non Toxic really is a great company. Their “Ava Hours” are all about educating people on what harmful chemicals they might be exposing themselves to without even knowing. It can be scary people, really it can. But not to fret. Once you are educated, you can make a choice. I choose Ava products as often as I can. Yes sometimes my wallet, and occasionally my husband (he’s still a bleach lover, or advocate, as he would say, much to my chagrin) point me in other directions. But overall I feel safer, and even cleaner when I use a product that I know has nothing to hide.

Have you used Ava Anderson Non Toxic products? 

What do you love?

What are you still searching for a solution to? 


Behind the Blog

Ahh.. sitting down to write at nap time. It’s quickly becoming my favorite down time. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough of it lately. There’s been a lot more behind the scenes organizing and action though, which sometimes is necessary to keep things running smoothly. You may notice some sprucing up and changes to the website. (See above, new image, and to the right, new things to click and look at :)) And you may have also noticed I’ve been doing some writing for other sites, brands, etc… It’s all part of keeping this thing going. I truly love writing for all of you, and I’m getting the sense you are liking it too, so I figure I might as well make it a thing. So here’s a little behind the blog update.

behind the blog
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I did a little research last week, asking all of you on Facebook what you wanted to see more of. (Thanks for your responses!) And I got some great feedback. Of course, I’m only going to write about the topics I know at least a little something about, but here’s what you’ll be seeing more of, in order of your top choices!

1. Natural Self Care ~ I’m so excited about this! It’s just the push I needed to get down to business making and showing you some awesome recipes for natural products for yourself, your family, and your home.

2. Ideas for Play ~ I once told a friend in college when I was studying education (before having my own child of course) that I was going to make all of my children’s toys. Whomp, whomp. Sooo… even though that’s highly unrealistic, I do love to create activities and toys, and I am going to be sharing these creations with you! (under the topic “create”)

3. Healthy Recipes ~ I have to admit, on this one I may be phoning a friend for help, or more specifically my husband. He is the chef in our house, and I am the baker. (What can I say, I have a wicked sweet tooth!) So while I will be covering the sweet, he will most likely take care of the savory.

4. Yoga ~ I asked two questions, that got two very different responses. The first, “what is your biggest need as a mom?” got the highest response in “ideas for peace and calm”. The second, “what is your top priority when it comes to your health?” got the biggest response in “energy”. The cool thing about that is, when you have more peace and calm in your life (and the life of your family), then you have more energy. And can help with both of these needs? Yoga. (And if you haven’t already gotten your free self care starter kit, there’s two yoga videos in it your don’t want to miss!)

5. Mamahood ~ And last but certainly not least, I’ll be writing my musings and adventures in mamahood. I love that these stories have created such a connection between us. It seems as mamas we all have the same adventures even if they look different on the outside, or take place in different settings or even times. We all have the same adventures of the heart. And more than anything else, more than our parenting philosophy, or what we make for dinner, or the crafts we do with our littles, that’s what bonds us. It’s the feelings, and the experiences, and the love we share for our families that connects me to you. I’m grateful for that. And I’m grateful for you.

So… How can you help keep this little thing going? Keep reading! That’s all I could ever really ask for. And if you want to, click on the icon above to vote for me as a top mommy blog. Share this or any of your favorite posts with your friends. The more mamas working towards nurturing themselves and nurturing their families, the better this world will be, that’s how I see it, and that’s why I keep doing what I’m doing. And last but not least, if you are a mama with a blog, or small business (or any sized business really), and you want to grow right along with me, become a sponsor! Let’s join hands and grow together, just like the best of friends always do.

This is my happy to be teaching yoga face :)
This is my happy to be teaching yoga face 🙂