Our Current Homestead (Maybe it could be yours!)

IMG_4204I stepped outside this evening to snap some quick photos. We just had our roof redone (company plug in photo). It’s a project we’ve wanted to do since we moved in 7 years ago. The former roof was growing moss, which I thought was rather quaint, but my hubby insisted was bad news. So after 7 years of putting the project off, we finally made the move. Why? Curb appeal. And I have to say, it’s lovely, as far as roofs go. IMG_4201

The late summer hydrangea are perhaps more up my alley. This year I finally learned not to prune the bushes. This style of gardening is a-ok in my book. Minimal work = maximum beauty. The blues and lavenders of these flowers are almost cemented in my mind as July flowers as much as the orange Tiger Lillies that bloomed outside my childhood home right around my birthday. These are the things that sell a home for me.

IMG_4209So what’s all this talk of curb appeal and house selling? I thought this was a post about a homestead? It is. As I mentioned in my first Vlog, we’re on the lookout for land, a spot to build our forever home sweet home. A spot to raise chickens, and kiddos, grow vegetables and humans…a spot just like this one actually, just with more land, less house (yes less!) and maybe even a cow or two. (Our backyard is lovely as you’ll see, but it’s more equipped for a friendly golden dog than a cow).

IMG_4212 IMG_4213So as I was snapping photos, I started thinking about all the steps we have taken in the past few years, and all the steps still on the path, to being ready to sell our sweet little home. It’s not an easy decision to sell. We love our house, we love love our hood, and the past 7 years of our life have taken form within these plot lines. In fact, we likely won’t sell unless the conditions are just right. But I got to thinking… what if one of those just right conditions was being able to find a buyer for our home who would love it just as much as we do? What if that buyer was someone we know? Or a friend of a someone we know? What if it was you?


IMG_4206Anyhoo, these are just thoughts. And like late summer tomatoes I think I’ll just let them hang on the vine and ripen a bit longer. Soon it will be on to the next project in the ever present list of things to do to be ready to sell. But for now, I’ll pause for a moment to just admire. These little glimpses, this fresh look, at where we’ve been, how far we’ve come, and where we’ll dream of making our home sweet homestead next.

Fresh Air

IMG_1795IMG_1822 IMG_1809 IMG_1818 IMG_1831 IMG_1841 IMG_1835 IMG_1833

A little walk in the woods with the whole family today. Nothing makes my heart feel better than this. We’re fast approaching the end of February, and after a warm day like today, the hope of spring is in the air. Honestly, we’re already talking summer plans in our house. Summer vacation is something we hold dear. But for now, February vacation it is! And what a great way to begin.