Fresh Air

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A little walk in the woods with the whole family today. Nothing makes my heart feel better than this. We’re fast approaching the end of February, and after a warm day like today, the hope of spring is in the air. Honestly, we’re already talking summer plans in our house. Summer vacation is something we hold dear. But for now, February vacation it is! And what a great way to begin.

Comfy Cozy

Much needed sleep.
Fort building
Couch lounging
Endless soup making
crochet projects
cozy fires
finally moving again!


The past three weeks have been a blur of illness and recovery. I hate to say it but we are still pretty stuck in a not feeling so great rut. E’s temp spiked again today, and my cough is relentless. But, on the bright side, we are getting a lot of cozy time in. AND, I finally am able to at least move again, without crippling over into a breath-taking expulsion of yuck. My mat in front of the fire, my babe climbing all over me, this at least feels good, and close to normal. I like to think I am a hearty New-Englander, but boy this year is making me feel like being a snow-bird wouldn’t be the worst thing.

So, more healing to come. More days of coziness and blankets, crochet, and errr… tv. (way more than I’d like to admit!) Spring will be here soon right? Maybe before it comes we’ll at least feel good enough to go play in this freshly fallen snow. Happy Sunday friends, hope you and yours are enjoying healthy cozy time, and if you are not, I hope at least you are finding the bright side.