You & I

Sometimes our days are long.

Sometimes things get tough.

Sometimes the lack of words renders us both frustrated, and confused.

Sometimes bodies don’t feel well.

Sometimes minds need rest.

Sometimes we tug and pull, and wear on each other.

But despite these times, or maybe because of these times, you and I are bonded.

You and I belong.

You and I are safe together.

You and I find comfort.

You and I fit.

You and I begin, and end in each other’s arms.

I will never doubt this.

I will never grow tired of this.

I will always love this, and you.

<3 your Mama

bonded rest

Own Your Parenting Style

Hippie Yoga Attachement Mama

Parenting is not something I ever really set out to learn, talk, or write about. I’ve always written about my experience, my life. But well, this is it.  The topic of parenting has become a rather hot button issue as of late, or so it seems. Like I wrote about here, I have not witnessed the “mommy wars” in my own personal experience, rather I have a wonderful web of support from the mamas and papas that I know. There are many ways to parent, many styles, and so, so many names, labels, identifiers. I tend to shy away from labeling, but recently I have decided to wear my labels with pride.

This all came about when I asked a close friend of mine, if I am truly perceived as a “hippie, yoga mama”. She responded, “you babywear, you co-sleep, and your kid is wearing a cloth diaper. Yes. Yes, you are.”. So, I’ve decided to own it.

I am a Hippie, Yoga, Attachment, Mama.

My kid runs naked not only in our backyard, but in public. Like here, on our idyllic visit to Walden Pond.

Walden Pond

Hippie Child

I won’t take the time (at least on this post) to explain why I do what I do. Perhaps as parents, we spend way too much time explaining ourselves. I do what I do, because I believe in it. I hope that you do what you do, because you believe in it. Not because somebody told you it was best, or that it worked for them, or that it is what you “should” do. I hope that you parent your children in way that lets them know that they are loved, that provides you with a little peace and sanity, and that feels right in your heart.

I like to consider my parenting “mindful” of “conscious”. If I have to choose a label, I typically say “yogic”, but most folks don’t know what the heck that means. It means I look at my child as a unique individual, who is part of the greater whole, who is part of a greater consciousness. I look at him and I see the miracle of life. I see a person whom I want to tend to, and nurture, teach, and help to grow. I see a being that is pure, radiant, love, in a physical form. I make my choices in parenting based on this view.

So whomever you are, and however you choose to parent your child, please do so with love. For them, for yourself, and for this world we are creating together.

And if you are coming from this place of love, however you identify, wear your style with pride.


Go ahead, leave a picture over on the Facebook page! I used this cool app to wear my labels with pride.