For a Limited Time Only

These nights,

these sleepless nights,

these nights of needing


crying for closeness.

These nights of cuddling,

warm bodies held close,

for comfort, for hunger, for whatever it might be.

These nights will not last forever.


These days,

these unpredictable days,

these days of following each cue, each signal,

chasing a little body,

chasing some kind of order, routine,

chasing some kind of normalcy,

only for it to change.

These days of laughter,

and play,

days of endless exertion.

These days will not last forever.


These moments,

these moments of doubt,






and utter, unbelievable LOVE,

are here for a limited time only.


As we all are.

As all things must be.

Be present with them.

All of them.

Do not push one away for the other.

Welcome each moment, each feeling, each part of the experience, for what it is.

Something that is here for a limited time only.

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