Homestead Video Update & Happy Thanksgiving

Wow! It’s Thanksgiving eve. The time this fall has whizzed by, in its typical windy autumnal way. The grey New England mornings and early sunsets are beckoning us to stay in and start hibernating. This is the season of rooting down, and getting cozy. I have been craving this with my whole being. But before I can root down into the earth this year, our family is on the move. Check out my latest video here to get the update.

We’ll be celebrating tomorrow with full gratitude for all of our blessings. Thanksgiving is a holiday of both light and dark history, ancestrally, and for me personally as well. But this year I feel a balance. We can recognize our dark places and yet still celebrate our light. In it’s simplest form, Thanksgiving is about recognizing the gift of life. It’s a wild ride we are on! But I’m grateful to be here, and I hope you are too. Happy Thanksgiving friends.

Our Montessori Thnaksgiving table

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