Saying Goodbye

The season has certainly shifted around here. We are in the midst of our first snow up here in New England, and everything is blanketed in white. (These pictures were taken at the beginning of the week, the last playground hurrah before snow!) There is a quiet hush, at least for now. The past few weeks have held this quality for us as well, the calm before the storm. It’s safe to say however, that after this past week, the storm is officially here.

We spent the past week (and I’m sure we’ll spend the next two) saying goodbye. But the thing about goodbye, is that it is so hard to say… Children often feel this the most. When leaving a beloved place, or friend, it can be just too hard. So we say, “See you later!”  and,  “We love you!” but not the G word. That’s how it feels leaving our home of the past 8 years, our neighborhood, and the friends we have made here. We said that this week to another dear friend. Our kitty of the past 13 years, my kitty. She passed on from this earth, on to her next journey. As we have been discussing with E what this means we have drawn reference from this book, and we like to say she is back to being in the stars, until she decides what life she will choose next here on Earth. It’s comforting to think of goodbye this way. As not an end but a transformation. Not a finite thing, but a new twist on the road of this everlasting journey. It’s still hard. Hard to leave, hard to change, and hard to know that the beautiful thing we have loved is passing on to someone or somewhere new.

This momentary quite repose is so beautiful, perhaps because, it is oh so fleeting.

Oh October!

IMG_4431 IMG_4447 IMG_4451 IMG_4593 IMG_4610 IMG_4622 IMG_4631 IMG_4635 IMG_4649Oh October! Where have you gone? The lines between days have blurred and the weekends have passed one by one. So much is happening, so much. We have been in full swing house/ homestead searching. And while it’s somewhat chaotic and busy, we have also managed to squeeze in fun family time along the way. Fairs, farms, and fall scenes abound. Hubby and I celebrated 7 (or 17) years. E is loving school, coming home with books of words he can read! Baby D is 10 months old, climping stairs, babbling sounds, and charming all he meets. Life is so sweet.  Through all the chaos and running around, passing like ships in the  night, we are savoring each other and this season, and we hope you are too.