New! The Vlog…

It’s been awhile since I have been here. Life has been changing, and my head space has been full. I wanted to wait until things cleared out a bit, and settled down, to come back and write. I wanted to wait until I had something to tell you. And now I do. But I’m not going to write it… instead I present the vlog!

Click Here to Watch the 1st VLOG!

I’m hoping to be able to add lots of new content through the YouTube channel. And as I go I’ll be re-organizing a bit here too. So this is not to say I will never write again. But for now, video, and short but sweet writings is the way I’m hoping to connect with you more. See you soon!




For the Love of Mothers


Mother’s Day

Was it the day that you first saw the blue line on your pregnancy test?

Was it the day you felt those tiny flutters deep in your belly?

Was it the first time you saw what appeared to be a baby on your ultrasound image?

Was it when your back ached and your feet swelled as you progressed through your third trimester?

Was it the hours of labor that rocked your body to it’s core?

Was it when you decided to sign those adoption papers?

Was it when you saw your baby’s face for the first time?

Was it when you held your baby to your breast?  Even when your nipples were cracked and bleeding, even through both of your tears.

Or maybe it was when you had to kiss the first boo-boo.

Or wipe away the first tear of true sadness.

Was it when you held your baby through the night while they sweat out their first fever, or cut their first tooth?

Was it when you said goodbye for the first time? And trusted that someone else would try to love your baby just as much as you in your absence?

Was it when you yelled for the first time, and then scooped that baby up into your arms and buried your face into their hair so that they wouldn’t see your tears?

Was it their first smile or laugh?

Was it the first time you heard the word “mama”?

When did you claim it? When did you become a mother?

The days, all of them, not just this one, are filled to the brim with so many emotions. The moments, the years, the hopes, joys, sadnesses, fears, and heartaches are an endless ocean. We dive in again and again, because that’s what mothers do.

To all the mamas who are swimming in this sea, whether you have a child on this earth, yearn to, or have lost… to all the children who have know the love of a mother… this day is your day. And so, it is a day for all of us. May our world be changed by the love of mothers.