Montessori Madness

Wow. I’m two months in to my Montessori teacher training. And three weeks into the school year in our children’s house classroom. Life has been a bit…crazy. I am all consumed by this Montessori stuff, so much so that sometimes I wake up from dreams about pink towers, brown stairs, polishing work, and sandpaper letters. There is so much to learn, and digest, understand, and put into practice. As a teacher and a parent this method is really making sense to me, and it is wonderful to be both learning it and experiencing its application every day. However, I can see how to many it is an enigma. It is a wildly complex yet simple, attainable yet unrealized, method.

For my training I have to complete a year long project. Since this little spot is my love and second home (this blog that is), but would probably otherwise go largely untouched this year, I’ve decided to make this my project.  I am going to share the madness with you. It’s a good madness. I think you will like it. But seriously… the project is to create a resource for parents, teachers, and the average everyday person, to better understand the Montessori method, it’s philosophy, practice, and practical life applications, at home and at school.

So I want to know… what do you want to know? What intrigues you, what do you wonder about, what is unclear? What do you want to know? Leave it in the comments below, or contact me privately. Let’s get a conversation going around how this method can help us to parent and teach our children and create a new world of learning. Maria Montessori believed that to be the goal of her efforts; building a new civilization of people who were independent learners, community helpers, and spiritual beings. Let’s make it part of ours.

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Montessori Mama

In March I began working at a little Montessori School close to home. I’ve written a few times about this big transition, going from fully self-employed, to fully not. It’s actually been wonderful. I loved running my business, I loved my clients and students, but it was a lot of effort, for not a whole lot of return financially. So, truth be told, it’s a lot easier to work for someone else, at least for the time being.

The thing that happened when I started working at the school, which I didn’t quite expect, was that I fell back in love with education. Many of you know I began my adult years/ career (I’m not a huge fan of that word) as an elementary school teacher. I loved every moment of my training to become a teacher, and then when I began working in the public school I quickly fell out of love. Quickly, and hard. I broke up with my job, saying “It’s not me, it’s YOU” and vowed that the work wasn’t for me. But the truth is, it is. Being a teacher is a deep calling for me. One that I never really gave up, but that has taken many forms on my journey.

Stepping into the Montessori classroom each day, feeling the ease and the lightness with which learning was taking place, witnessing the joy, and the love from teacher to student, I fell back in love myself. This is an educational practice I can get behind. This is a method in which I can be who I am, and teach the way my heart longs to teach.

So that’s what I’m doing. It’s a big part of what has consumed my time and attention these past months (and part of why I have been away from here). But now that I am back to writing, I figure I must share with you each and every part of me. Part of that whole being authentic thing which I talked about last time. In a few weeks I will be starting a Montessori Training program. I’d like to share my journey through this program with you. Right now I’m deep into the summer reading required before I start (by deep I mean I’m in deep trouble cause I don’t think I’ll ever get it done). Here’s a quote I came across last night that I enjoyed, and be on the lookout for more 🙂


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