August 5, 2017

August is the time of year when teachers begin to plan, work and get ready for the year ahead. I am re-engaging in my Montessori Training, and getting ready to take on the role os Assistant in a Montessori classroom. My husband is helping me to carve out the time I need on Saturdays to write and work. So here I am, sitting in my basement office, creating the bones of an album and fleshing out the pieces to make it whole. Album 1: Philosophy. What is Montessori?

When I first began my training two years ago, I never imagined the journey that was beginning. The spiritual preparation of the teacher is something Montessori wrote often about in her books. But I didn’t realize that preparation would include becoming completely obsessed, then detaching from the obsession, and then reigniting the spark. But as any spiritual journey goes, there must be periods of complete faith, and periods of questioning and doubt. I return to this work now, having gone through both, with a healthy dose of each. I believe in the Montessori method as a wonderful way to inspire and ignite learning. I am wary of the tendency for the method to be taken too strictly into practice. I am weary of becoming obsessive with order and correctness. My hope for the continuation of this journey is to balance the beautiful ideals of Montessori, with a modern understanding of children and their needs.

I’ll be going in to help set-up the classroom soon. In the meantime, I’m creating job cards, writing papers, and studying for my philosophy exam. Not to mention balancing the role of mama to two young boys. These August days will be busy. And the rush of back to school will be in full swing in just a few short weeks. It’s been a few years since I have felt it. I find now that it feels more like a calm excitement, less of a frenzy. Maybe that has to do with age and experience, and the welcome realization that school is not life, that education happens without much effort, and that all will be as it needs to be without me having to force anything.

Here’s to a balanced year.

Montessori Madness

spiritual gems montessori

Wow. I’m two months in to my Montessori teacher training. And three weeks into the school year in our children’s house classroom. Life has been a bit…crazy. I am all consumed by this Montessori stuff, so much so that sometimes I wake up from dreams about pink towers, brown stairs, polishing work, and sandpaper letters. There is so much to learn, and digest, understand, and put into practice. As a teacher and a parent this method is really making sense to me, and it is wonderful to be both learning it and experiencing its application every day. However, I can see how to many it is an enigma. It is a wildly complex yet simple, attainable yet unrealized, method.

For my training I have to complete a year long project. Since this little spot is my love and second home (this blog that is), but would probably otherwise go largely untouched this year, I’ve decided to make this my project.  I am going to share the madness with you. It’s a good madness. I think you will like it. But seriously… the project is to create a resource for parents, teachers, and the average everyday person, to better understand the Montessori method, it’s philosophy, practice, and practical life applications, at home and at school.

So I want to know… what do you want to know? What intrigues you, what do you wonder about, what is unclear? What do you want to know? Leave it in the comments below, or contact me privately. Let’s get a conversation going around how this method can help us to parent and teach our children and create a new world of learning. Maria Montessori believed that to be the goal of her efforts; building a new civilization of people who were independent learners, community helpers, and spiritual beings. Let’s make it part of ours.

spiritual gems montessori