Blank Slate

Nothing feels better sometimes than wiping everything clean. My son’s teacher has been telling me lately that his favorite thing to do in his classroom is clean the easel. Not paint at it, clean it. (He gets that inclination from his father’s side of the family). But I too understand the beauty in clearing the space. In fact, that’s my first step before I begin any new venture. So, it only felt right to clear some space here.

I’m not starting a new venture necessarily, but this year certainly feels as though I am stepping into some new, unknown territory. I am stepping into a space of finding comfort in unease, in unknowing. This is really hard for me to do guys.

I love to plan, make, time, know. I am often ten steps ahead of myself at any given moment. This is why I practice yoga. But this year, I am really trying to embrace not-knowing, not-planning, and just allowing things to unfold. Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya. Surrender. (I got it tattooed to my arm for Pete’s sake) (actually not for his, for mine).

IMG_7713So, in this surrender, I have decided also to simplify. If I am going to find peace of mind, ease of spirit, I need to de-clutter, not just my mental space, but my physical. But since I am laid up with pneumonia right now (yes, bronchitis morphed into the dreaded P word), I can’t do a whole lot of physical cleaning, though I really am itching to. So I decided to start here. I have been wanting to make over this space for quite some time. I have been wanting a blank slate of sorts, in look, and feel, but also in spirit. This blog began as a storytelling space about motherhood, and it is still that, but in recent months I have been wading through finding a sense of self that is more than that.

Before I was mother, I was a lot of things. Now I am mother, and….

writer. teacher. wife. maker. daughter. sister. friend. doula. body worker. lover of food. wellness nerd. wanna be homesteader. experimental gardener. the list goes on.

I needed to open up this space to allow me to be all of those things. And somehow a change in format, color and font did that a bit. I’ll be re-organizing the content over the coming weeks (as I sit here confined to my bed) and hopefully creating some new content as well.

Thank you as always for joining me here. And please, comment below! I love hearing from you.

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