Hello there,

Thank you for joining me here.

This blog is my little corner of the interweb. A place for me to share my thoughts, ideas, creations, and stories. The shape of this space ebbs and flows, changes with each new phase of life, but it always represents my unique expression of the world, as I see it. I am a woman on the journey of life. I am a wife and mother. I am a teacher, creator, and dreamer. I hope you will get to know me through these pages, and I hope that you will connect and let me get to know you. Here are some of the things I believe, the things that make me, well, me.

I believe in taking care.

I believe in slowing down.

I believe in making healthy choices.

I believe in the value of community.

I believe in fresh air, and joyful movement.

I believe that we all deserve to live a life that is happy and healthy.

I believe that as mamas we shape our families and teach them how to live.

I believe that mamas can change the world, and that it’s in the little everyday ways, that we will do this.


11 Fun Facts about Jozie

1. It was my dad’s idea to spell my name with a “z” instead of the traditional “s”, in order to make me different. This little fact has always made me feel that it is ok, even preferable to be unique!

2. I grew up going to Catholic School, wearing a uniform, until my Junior year in high school. Now I have a uniform of sorts. It consists of yoga pants and different colored t-shirts and sweaters. I’m a creative person, but I like simple clothes.

3. I have always lived with a cat, usually two.

4. I met my husband when I was 15 years old. We’ve had our ups and downs, our ins and outs, but I knew even then, that we were meant for each other.

5. My first venture in higher education was at Massachusetts College of Art. While I didn’t complete my degree there, I did minor in Art later on, and still hope to go back and finish someday.

6. While I was in art school, I lived on chocolate covered pretzels, honey mustard chicken, and salad. These are all still favorites of mine today.

7. I lived in Brooklyn, New York for approximately 2 years.

8. One of my first jobs was working in an after school program. The relaxed interaction and creative play time that happens in these programs is part of what continues to inspire my mission today.

9. Even at 15 I often imagined the babies my husband Pete and I would have someday. Luckily (and also frustratingly) it took us some time to conceive. But now that my boys are finally here, they are more amazing than I could have ever imagined.

10. I have had two natural births. The first in a hospital with my husband, mother, and a wonderful doula by my side. The second at home, with a skilled midwife and my family. Both were incredible experiences that made me feel powerful and strong.

11. My favorite poet is Pablo Neruda. When my hubby and I were getting married we read his Love Sonnets looking for a reading to use for our ceremony. And while this is not the one that we chose to use, it is the one that we remember best and still quote to this day.

“My ugly love, you’re a messy chestnut. My beauty you are pretty as the wind.
Ugly: your mouth is big enough for two mouths.
Beauty: your kisses are fresh as new melons.

Ugly: where did you hide your breasts?They’re meager, two little scoops of wheat.
I’d much rather see two moons across your chest,
Two huge proud towers.

Ugly: not even the sea contains things like your toenails. Beauty: flower by flower, start by start, wave by wave,
Love, I’ve made an inventory of your body.

My ugly one, I love you for your waist of gold; My beauty, for the wrinkle on your forehead.
My Love: I love your for your clarity, your dark.”

~Pablo Neruda

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